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Question Old Asus mobo P7P55D EVO bios downgrade with Afudos?


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May 8, 2020
Hello, may someone answer the question please: is there a safe method to downgrade Asus P7P55D EVO bios? I updated my 0209 version to the latest 2101, everthing seems to be ok except I getting an abnormal cpu load in Pro Tools 12 HD audio software (CPU spikes at low buffer size and more overal CPU usage). As far as I understand there is no possiblility to downgrade the bios now. Ez Flash and BUPDATER don't support it.

There's an information about Afudos utilite:
But people do downgrade their modern UEFI mobos, what about old mobos, did anyone try it? Does it work for P7P55D EVO or some other similar mobos? If yes, what version of Afudos shoud I use, what command exactly I need to type loading from usb in DOS? (or just use the Afudos and autoexec.bat file from the video?)

I just don't want to brick my motherboard because many people had succeed with that method but many users had troubles also.
Also that method can cause to some information loss (MAC address and something else (I'm not so familiar with it:), maybe windows deactivation). Will I have the possibility to get it back making the backup of my current bios (2101) previously?