Ok, april fools day is coming up, let's get ideas going

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Apr 17, 2000
Originally posted by: kstu
old, but classic and very easy to do...

place rubber band around spray nozzle of kitchen sink and point towards front of sink. first person to turn on the faucet gets a nice shower.

this is my all-time fav.. it's the only one I've ever 100% pulled off over and over and over ....


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Mar 27, 2003
open the cover of the toliet and point the fill hose out and put cover back on....when person flushes..instead of filling tank it sprays out on them...especially if they flush without leaving the pot


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Apr 14, 2004
take a dump in the upper tank of the toilet. When the victim flushes, that sh*t comes pouring out, hopefully splashing them nicely.

someone told me it's called an "upper decker" or something
Oct 9, 1999
saran wrap under the toilet lid.
vaseline on the lid.

halarity insues.

oh yeah, hit someone in the nuts.


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Sep 26, 2004
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Originally posted by: MadCowDisease
2 boxes jello in toilet. Allow to settle, then put the lid down.

:laugh: haha

what does this do?

yeah, I was wondering too.

You have to do it with clear jello, so it looks like water. When someone takes a shit, the crap will just sit on top of the jello or if you take a piss it will it the semi hard surface of the jello and possibly splash them.


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Aug 29, 2001
Originally posted by: Cawchy87
Epsil0n00 that is pretty risky of a joke if you ask me. Most likely destroying the productivity of at least two co-workers for a full day and just hope it doesn't get above them. But you probibly know them better then I do :p

it went over pretty well--no adverse side effects. It was pretty funny, and so convincing that when I said, "April Fools!" to my boss she said, "Yeah, I wish this was a joke." I said, "No, really. April Fools--I did this." It was pretty funny. It did almost get above my direct contacts and that could have been a little bit messy... but luckly that didn't happen. :)

The best thing all day was that one of our staff cloned some Google pages to an internal webserver and added some custom DNS redirects on the network so that anything anyone searched via Google would only return results with the name of our company in it. It was pretty slick.