Oh yes, the "Which video card should I get?" thread #12829.

Oct 19, 2000
I haven't been keeping up on the latest video cards, so I have no idea where to start on picking out a new one. My current setup:

- 2400+ Athlon
- 1gig PC2100 RAM (Mushkin green)
- GeForce4 Ti4400

I'm starting to get to the point to where I can't run games like I'd like to, with graphics settings at a decent clip. I've had my Ti4400 for a couple years now, and want to look into getting something better. My budget is approximately $200, but I can work with that number. I basically want to buy something that will be a significant upgrade for the money I'm spending, not something marginal.

What can I look for as far as brand new, OEM, and ebay goes? What can I find for good prices? Thanks for any suggestions, and I apologize for the redundant thread.

EDIT: Forgot to add, a decent DirectX 9 card would like to be had. Is this possible in my price range?


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Jun 5, 2003
If you wanna save some money and u can find a GeforceFX5900XT for $150 not a penny more!!!!! then that would be a good card to get but if you dont mind spending $208 and want the best bang for buck get a 9800 Pro

If i was you i would get the 9800 Pro the price is right! it used to be $300 and the GeforceFX5900 was $182 back then the Geforce FX5900 was the better guy card but now that price's are down the 9800 Pro is the better card well worth the extra bit of money.


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Jan 7, 2004
Originally posted by: PCTweaker5get an OEM 5950Ultra from newegg for $310
I assume you are talking about this. I've noticed that the description says, Chipset/Core Speed: nVIDIA GeForce FX5950 ULTRA/Not Specified. Kind of odd for a 5959 Ultra at that price. Anyone have one of these that can verify that it runs at spec speeds?

For $200, look towards a RADEON 9800 Pro or an FX 5900 (non-ultra). Don't be fooled by nv's marketing, the FX 5900 XT and SE are lesser cards running at either slower core or memory speeds. Get an FX 5900 and make sure the core is 400 MHz and the memory is 850 MHz. These are starting to disappear, but can still be found for around $200.


Jun 5, 2003
I would think that the core speed on that OEM 5950 ultra would be 475 but if not I would be pissed.


Oct 13, 2000
if i had to get one right now i'd definitely go with the 9800pro, which you can find for around $200 (sapphire is decent for ATI, but sometimes you can even get Built By ATI for that cheap)

personally im gonna hold out till May or so and see how the whole NV40/R420 situation shakes out (then again im probalby gonna be spending more than 200). the only game that seems taxing to my video card right now is Far Cry.. other games still seem to run decently. current gen prices will continue to fall, but i dont think the 9800pro will go much below 200 (maybe 180?)


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Oct 10, 1999
Originally posted by: Vonkhan
get an OEM 9800Pro from newegg for $208

I agree, especially for DX9 performance. If DX9 doesn't matter so much, and AA+AF isn't imperative, or you just like nV's drivers, consider a $185 MSI 5900XT @ NewEgg. You can also look at the $159 XFX 5900XT @ NewEgg, though it takes up a PCI slot and is noisier. GameVE sells a Chaintech 5900 for $183, but Digit-Life reviewed the Chaintech and found its HSF somewhat lacking, and some people here have found GameVE's sales practices somewhat lacking recently. So I think the MSI is the safest bet and probably all-around best card, but you can go with the XFX if you want to save money, or the Chaintech if you insist on the fastest memory speed possible. IMO, though, the 9800P seems to be the most future-proof solution: fastest with AA+AF and faster DX9 performance in most DX9 tests.