Official Holiday45 MTR Race Stats - 13/12/01 (Day 36)


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Jun 11, 2000
:D Official Holiday45 MTR Race Stats for Thursday, December 13 :D

Sorry for the lateness of these stats, I've been home for about an hour and a half, but completely forgot I needed to do them... Since it was so late when I got started though, I figured not many people would be around, and I'd take some time to add some special features... Look at the bottom of the post :)

Note: We're now 80% through the race, with only 9 days of racing left!



(A) Rogue Squadron -- 455
(B) SETI Bombers ------ 455
(C) Troopers ------------- 382

For the first time in the race, we have a first-place tie overall, between the SETI Bombers and Rogue Squadron.

Power Groups

Power Group 1

(A) TWAIN ------------------ 329
(B) TeAm Lancer --------- 300
(C) Starship Troopers -- 208

TWAIN came down from their high of yesterday, while TeAm Lancer got out of the cellar to take second from the Starship Troopers.

Power Group 2

(B) TeAm Spirit ------- 119
(C) 0-30°N Troopers -- 99
(A) Seti Gobblers ------ 99

What's with the tying today? :)

Power Group 3

(C) OPQ Troopers -- 75
(B) TeAm Aurora ---- 36
(A) SWAT TeAm ------ 27

These stats look suspiciously like yesterday's, because the only difference is that TeAm Aurora's production is down 2.

Total WUs produced by all racers today: 1292



(A) Rogue Squadron -- 16447
(C) Troopers ------------ 15754
(B) SETI Bombers ------ 15274

The overall standings are the same, with Rogue Squadron way ahead of the Troopers, and the SETI Bombers a ways back from them.

Power Groups

Power Group 1

(A) TWAIN ------------------ 11239
(B) TeAm Lancer --------- 10179
(C) Starship Troopers -- 10128

In the division that's seen the most jockeying and lead changes, we once again see a pass, with the B-1 Bombers today overtaking the Starship Troopers for second, and looking to crank their engines into full gear to try and catch TWAIN.

Power Group 2

(A) Seti Gobblers ------ 4235
(C) 0-30°N Troopers -- 3746
(B) TeAm Spirit --------- 3569

After 36 days, the Seti Gobblers are still comfortably on top.

Power Group 3

(C) OPQ Troopers -- 1880
(B) TeAm Aurora ---- 1526
(A) SWAT TeAm ------- 973

If things continue as they have in PG3, it looks like the standings aren't going to change before the end of the race.

Total WUs produced by all racers to date: 47475

We're now almost on track to hit 60000 WUs on the race, we just need crank out a couple more WUs per day each, come on guys! :)

Bonus 80% race stats (I'll do these again at the end of the race in a huge final stats report):

Daily Wins

Most daily wins (overall): Rogue Squadron (15)
Most daily wins (PG1): TWAIN (14)
Most daily wins (PG2): Seti Gobblers (18)
Most daily wins (PG3): OPQ Troopers (23)

Winning Streaks

Longest winning streak (overall): Troopers (5 - 24/11-28/11)
Longest winning streak (PG1): Starship Troopers (5 - 24/11-28/11)
Longest winning streak (PG2): Seti Gobblers (4 x 2 - 8/11-11/11 ; 30/11-3/12)
Longest winning streak (PG3): OPQ Troopers (9 (+?) - 5/12-13/12 (+?))

Single-day records

Most WUs (all racers): 2264 (12/12)
Most WUs (all PG1): 1666 (12/12)
Most WUs (all PG2): 532 (16/11)
Most WUs (all PG3): 183 (5/12)
Most WUs (overall): Rogue Squadron (1269 - 12/12)
Most WUs (PG1/Team): TWAIN (1087 - 12/12)
Most WUs (PG2/Team): TeAm Spirit (217 - 6/12)
Most WUs (PG3/Team): OPQ Troopers (104 - 5/12)

WUs to date by Power Group

PG1: 31546
PG2: 11550
PG3: 4379

Super Teams Race Stats
Power Group 1 Race Stats
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Power Group 3 Race Stats
DarkMajiq's Stats Spreadsheet
Smokeball's MTR Special Analysis

Any comments or suggestions on the way these are presented are quite welcome. If I've made a calculation error or typo somewhere in here, please let me know! Thanks to Smokeball for providing me with the original spreadsheet, handicapping and doing the MTR Special Analysis, and of course a big thanks to Soni for hosting the race :D


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Oct 30, 2000
Whew, I can finally go to bed now. Had to have my stats fix first though. Thanks for all the extra effort DM those stats are interesting. Even more interesting will be to see how many of those records fall at the end of the race.

Thats what I like to see TeAm Spirit! Let's make that final surge!


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Feb 19, 2001
Capt'n Baldy, I'm pushing her as far as she'll go.....

Lost my entire work fleet, but my new XP box almost entirely makes up for it!!!

Gotta love XP


Oct 10, 1999
Thanks! for the stats, DM! Especially the newest ones, they are great! :D

Things are back to where they are supposed to be.
Natural order has been restored,
And with all the leader changes, who could be bored?
To claim a win is for what we all thirst,
And TWAIN is working hard to see Rogue Squadron take first!
But the race isn't over, and I'm willing to bet,
That the other teams will do something to make me fret.
No matter who takes first, when the race is set,
You're still the finest team mates that I've ever met!

Great racing, everyone! :D:D:D

I'm having soooo much fun! :D


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Jun 28, 2001
Thanks for the stats and commentary, Soni and Dark Majiq (and Grandpa Smoke)!! Especially cool "streak" stats, DM!!

Ray, I told you to back away from the eggnog!




Oct 10, 1999
Sssssokay Du.Du.dukatttttt,
Sthes eggnog sweren't the problem, sssssssprobably *hiccup* sthe Romul.....*hic*...Romulann ale Izzzpiked it with......*hiccup*

SMerry zzNew Yearz ev...ev....ev...y'all, andzzzHappy Chrizmaz!



Im okz, juzt goin to do a littlez floor inzspection *hiccup*zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Apr 23, 2000
Oddly enough, trying to decipher other people's "l33t" scripting has actually helped me in reading Ray's er.., inebriated response. :D

Way to go TeAm! :)


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Nov 13, 2000
Thanks for the stats DM/Soni/Grandpa Smoke :)

my main rig has just gone down (Athlon 1.0 @ 1.43) so i may be a little low until i manage to get that up and running :(