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    [SIZE=+2]The AT Battlefield 3 F.A.Q.[/SIZE]

    All info (even confirmed from DICE) is subject to change up until release! Often, difficult decisions are made at the last moments of development. The best laid plans....
    ** Please post questions you would like answered and we'll do our best to answer it. **

    Publisher: Electronic Arts
    Developer: EA Digital Illusions CE AB
    Street Date: October 25th, 2011 Source, October 28, 2011 (Europe)
    Category: First Person Shooter
    Platforms: XboxTM 360, PlayStation® 3, PC

    [SIZE=+1]Official EA/DICE Video[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+1]In-Game Footage Video[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+1]Multi-player Game Modes[/SIZE]
    • Conquest
      • Goal: Capture and hold flags
      • Max Players (console/PC): 24/32 players
    • Conquest 64
      • Goal: Capture and hold flags
      • Max Players (PC only): 64 players
    • Rush
      • Goal: Attack/defend M-COM stations
      • Max Players (Console/PC): 24/32
    • Squad Rush
      • Goal: Attack/defend M-COM stations
      • Max Players (Console&PC): 8 (4 v 4)
    • Team DeathMatch
      • Goal: Eliminate a set number of enemy combatants
      • Max Players (Console&PC): 24 (12 vs. 12)
    • Squad DeathMatch
      • Goal: Eliminate a set number of enemy combatants
      • Max Players (Console&PC): 16 (4 squads of 4)
    • Coop - 6 coop missions. two players, peer-to-peer over the internet. Each mission is between 15 and 45 minutes. Source.
      • Goal: Complete the mission goals without both dying.
      • Max Players (Console&PC): 2
    • More Info - Battleblog #11: Every Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Game Mode Explained

    [SIZE=+1]Single-Player Game[/SIZE]
    • Will there be a single-player mode? Yes - Source
    • Will the same characters appear in this game as BFBC1/2? No. Source
    • How long will it take to complete the single player game? 12 hours. Developer estimate, YMMV. Source

    [SIZE=+1]Soldier Classes & Weapons[/SIZE]
    • Assault - The Assault Class will be carrying a medic kit and will also be able to revive fallen teammates on the Battlefield with a defib kit. Source
    • Support - The Support class can throw out ammunition as well as using an LMG to fight his way through hordes of enemies. The LMG is equipped with a bi-pod that you can fold out when you prone to give you that extra accuracy. Also, if you lay down some of that heavy suppressive fire on an enemy, you could also score some extra points as you’ll blur the enemies vision. Source
    • Engineer - The engineer class is equipped with a submachine-gun with a flashlight that can actually be used to blind people thanks to the great tech provided by the Frostbite 2 engine. This is especially useful in the Operation Metro map due to the narrow spaces and darker areas of the map. The class also comes with a welding tool to repair friendly vehicles as well as an RPG to destroy enemy vehicles. Source
    • Recon - The Recon class has a semi-automatic sniper rifle and is also equipped with some powerful C4. Those C4 explosions can cause destruction - a Battlefield favorite - anytime, anywhere. Source

    [SIZE=+1]Weapons, gadgets, and specs[/SIZE] - *** WIP - I slotted all the weapons from the fact sheet in where I THINK they will go. Will correct as more info becomes available! ***
    • Class: Assault
      • Weapons
        • M16A3 - Source.
        • M16A4
        • AK-74M
        • M416
        • AN94
        • KH2002
        • AEK971
        • F2000
        • G3
        • ASVAL
      • Gadgets
        • Medkit
        • Defibrillators
        • Underslung weaponry
          • M320
            • 40mm grenades
            • Bucksot
            • Smoke grenade
          • M26 MASS
            • 12 guage
            • Flechettes
            • Frag round
            • Solid slugs
      • Class: Support
        • Weapons
          • RPK-74M
          • M27 IAR
          • M-249
          • MP-7
          • Pecheneg
          • M60
          • M240
          • Type88
        • Gadgets
          • Ammunition box
          • M18 Claymore mines
          • C4 explosives
          • 60mm Mortar - ???
      • Class: Engineer
        • Weapons
          • M4A1
          • M4A1
          • AKS74u
          • SCAR H CQB
          • G36C
          • A-91
          • SG553LB
          • P90
          • MP7
          • PDR
          • UMP-45
          • PP2000
          • SMAW - info
          • RPG-7 - info
          • Javelin - info
          • FIM-92 Stinger - info
          • SA-18 IGLA - info
          • M136 AT4 - info
          • M15 Anti-Tank mine - info
        • Gadgets
          • Welding tool
          • EOD Bot - Explosive Ordinance Disposal, "The EOD bot is an engineer gadget that you can use to arm mcoms or repair vehicles." Source-Source.
      • Class: Recon -
        • Weapons
          • SVD
          • MK11
          • SV98
          • M98B
          • M40A5
          • M82A3
          • M39 - Source.
          • SKS - Source.
        • Gadgets
          • UG sensors - Motion Sensor, cannot be thrown.
          • Radio Beacon - Source.
          • MAV Micro UAV -
      • All Class
        • Weapons
          • Knife
          • M67 hand Grenade
          • M18 smoke Grenade
          • M9
          • M1911
          • Glock 17
          • PYa MP443
          • G17
          • T44
          • MP412
          • G18
          • M93R
          • 870MCS
          • M1014
          • USAS-12
          • DAO-12
          • Saiga 20k
        • Gadgets
          • SOFLAM - Squad Leader? -Special Operations Forces Laser Acquisition Marker
      • Weapon Specializations
        • Optics
          • M145
          • RDS Reflex
          • Kobra
          • Holographic
          • PKA-S
          • ACOG
          • PSO-1
          • PK-A
          • IRNV
          • PKS-07
          • 8x Rifle Scope
          • 12x Ballistic
        • Ergonomics
          • Foregrip
          • Bipod
        • Performance
          • Heavy barrel
          • Suppressor
          • Tactical light
          • Laser sight
          • Flash suppressor
          • Straight pull bolt
    • Misc Info:
      • Will weapons have selectable fire modes? Yes. Source

    [SIZE=+1]Soldier Specalizations[/SIZE] -
    • Sprint boost
    • Squad Sprint boost
    • Flak vest
    • Squad Flak vests
    • EOD EXPL vest
    • Squad EOD EXPL vest
    • Suppression reduction
    • Squad Suppression reduction
    • Marksman training
    • Squad Marksman training
    • Extra grenades
    • Squad extra grenades
    • Extra ammo
    • Squad Extra ammo

    • Fast transport
      • Growler ITV
      • VDV Buggy
    • Armored transport
      • HMMWV
      • G3937 Vodnik
    • Infantry Fighting Vehicles
      • LAV-25
      • BMP-2M
    • Mobile Anti-Air
      • LAV-AD
      • 9K22 Tunguska-M
    • Main Battle Tanks
      • M1 Abrams
      • T-90
    • Scout helicopters
      • AH-6J Littlebird
      • Z-11 W
    • Transport helicopters
      • UH-1Y Venom
      • KA-60 Kasatka
    • Attack helicopters
      • AH-1Z Super Cobra
      • MI-28 Havoc
    • Fighter jets
      • F/A-18E Super Hornet
      • SU-35BM Flanker-E
    • Attack jets
      • A-10 Thunderbolt
      • SU-39
    • Naval transport
      • RHIB
    • Amphibious assault
      • AAV-7A1

    [SIZE=+1]Vehicle Specializations[/SIZE]
    • Coaxial MG
    • Coaxial HMG
    • Canister shells
    • Guided Shells
    • Zoom optics
    • Thermal optics
    • IR Smoke
    • Reactive armor
    • Maintenance
    • Belt speed
    • Thermal Camo
    • Auto Loader
    • Proximity scan
    • CITV station
    • ATGM launcher
    • APFSDS-T shells
    • Guided rockets
    • Air Radar
    • Heatseekers
    • Laser painter
    • TV missile
    • IR Flares
    • Extinguisher
    • ECM jammer
    • Rocket guidance system
    • Below radar
    • Guided missile
    • Beam scanning

    [SIZE=+1]Multiplayer Maps[/SIZE]
    • How many multiplayer maps? - 9 in all at launch. Source.
    • Which game modes work on each map? All multiplayer maps support all multiplayer game modes.
    • Map: Caspian Border - "description"
    • Map: Damavand Peak - "description"
      • Pictures: 1, 2.
      • Video:
    • Map: Grand Bazaar - "description"
      • Pictures: 1.
      • Video: Link
    • Map: Kharg Island - "description"
      • Pictures: 1.
      • Video:
    • Map: Noshahr Canals - "description"
      • Pictures: 1.
      • Video:
    • Map: Operation Firestorm - "Jet map w/burning oil fields"
    • Map: Operation Métro - "description"
    • Map: Seine Crossing - "description"
      • Pictures: 1.
      • Video:
    • Map: Tehran Highway - "description"
      • Pictures: 1, 2.
      • Video:
    • Map: Gulf of Oman - B2K expansion map, Frostbite 2 remake of the original BF2 map. Source
    • Map: Sharqi Peninsula - B2K expansion map, Frostbite 2 remake of the original BF2 map. Source
    • Map: Strike at Karkand - B2K expansion map, Frostbite 2 remake of the original BF2 map.
    • Map: Wake Island - B2K expansion map, Frostbite 2 remake of the original BF1942 map. Source

    [SIZE=+1]Game Features[/SIZE]
    • Destruction? Yes. 3.0 Source
    • Spotting: Yes. Source
    • 3D spotting: Yes. The latest incarnation: Source.
    • Tracer Darts: No. Source.
    • Is there a Commo Rose in the game? The PC version will have a Commo Rose! Source.
    • Parachutes: - Yes. **
    • Will there be ziplines or grapple hooks? No plans for that, ATM. Source.
    • Kill Cam: Yes, can be turned off. Source
    • Will the knife be scripted/auto-aim like BFBC2? - There is an animation. Not sure how much auto-aim is involved. **
    • Will there be squad leaders? There was in the PC Alpha. ** this answer is in flux, more info: Source-Source.
    • Spawn on squadleader or any teammate? For the Alpha, there spawn only on Squad leader, unless you are the squad leader, then you can spawn on any other person in your squad. ** this answer is in flux, more info: Source-Source.
    • How many persons per squad, 4 or 6? 4.**
    • Will there be a commander? No. Commander functions are said to be pushed down to other players. Source.**
    • Prone? Yes - Source
    • Dragging a wounded comrade. Will this be in Single player, Multiplayer, or both? Just in single player. Source
    • Maximum number of players: PC: 64, Console: 24. - Source
    • Will you be able to customize your characters appearance? Maybe, somewhat. Source
    • Will it be Moddable?
    • Will there be sea vehicles larger than an inflatable raft?
    • Will there be an editor? Not initially, maybe never. Source
    • Will there be dedicated servers? Yes, for all platforms, PC and Console.**
    • Will there be non-ranked servers? Yes. Source.
    • Will you be able to host a game on your own machine? Not at this time. **
    • Will you be able to play multi-player over a LAN? Not at this time.
    • Will there be bullet drop? "Yes, there is bullet drop. Doesn't work the same as BC2 though, it's a much deeper system." Source
    • Will there be a Hard Core mode? Yes. Source.
    • What is Battlelog? Battlelog is a web application that is a new front-end for Battlefield 3. Battlelog operates sort of like Steam or Xfire, except it is specific to just one game (BF3). Battlelog performs several functions that were previously embedded in to the game: It allows you to star the game in the various game modes, contains the Multiplayer Server list, friends list, VOIP functionality, etc. More info.
    • Will there be an Infantry Only option? Yes.
    • Will there be integrated VOIP? VOIP functionality will be provided by the Battlelog Web application.
    • If there is integrated VOIP, will there be the options to address 1) All players, 2) Your Team, 3) Just your squad?
    • Will there be profanity? Yes. Source, Source
    • Can you fly Jets or Planes in the game? Yes - Source.
    • Is there spawn protection?
    • Do the healing effect of medpacks stack up with each consecutive medpack?
    • Will BF3 support options for the colorblind (the green squad tags and red enemy tags are a problem to some people)?
    • What version of the Frostbite game engine does Battlefield 3 run on? Version 2.0
    • Does Frostbite 2 use Physx? No, it uses Havok for physics, like previous Battlefield games. **
    • Will there be a screenshot function for consoles like BFBC1 has?
    • Will BF3 support the xbox 360 gamepad for the PC version?
    • Will there be a vote to kick option?
    • Any benefits for Battlefield Veterans in BF3? The M1911 Pistol will be available to registered Battlefield Veterans. Source.
    • Three players in each tank, that's new for BF. What can the third person do?

    [SIZE=+1]Misc Info[/SIZE]
    • How much will it cost? Retail price: $59.99 USD PC, XBox360 & Playstation 3. Source, Source.
    • Will there be a beta?: There will be an open beta on all platforms (PC, Xbox, PS3), between September 29th and October 10th, 2011. Source
    • How can I get early access to the beta?: People that purchased the Limited Edition of Medal of Honor (primarily pre-orders) or the Teir-1 edition, as well as people that pre-order the Battlefield 3 digital edition from EA's own store, Origin, will get access to the beta 48 hours before the general public. Source
    • Available Pre-Order bonus' for BF3? All Pre-orders get the Limited Edition of BF3 at no extra charge. Other available bonus items (ex: Physical Warfare Pack, SPECACT Kit Upgrade, Dog Tag Pack, etc) are vendor specific. Source & more info, and here.
    • What does the Limited Edition include? "The Battlefield 3 Limited Edition includes Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand at no extra charge. The themed expansion pack features four legendary maps from Battlefield 2 boldly re-imagined with Frostbite 2 physics, destruction, and visuals. Completing the package are classic Battlefield 2 weapons and vehicles, unique rewards, new achievements/trophies, and more."- Source.
    • How much to purchase the Back to Karkand expansion pack Seperately? $14.99 MSRP in the US. Source.
    • Can I order from Steam? - Not yet. Maybe never.
    • Minimum PC Specifications for BF3/Frostbite 2:
      • Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz OR Athlon X2 2.7 Ghz
      • Main memory: 2 Gb
      • Graphics card: Supporting DirectX 10 or 11. DX9 NOT supported!
        • AMD : DirectX 10.1 (ATI Radeon 3000, 4000, 5000 or 6000 series, with ATI Radeon 3870 or higher performance)
        • NVIDIA: DirectX 10.0 compatible (Nvidia GeForce 8, 9, 200, 300, 400 OR 500 series with Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT or higher performance)
        • Graphics memory: 512 MB
      • OS: Windows Vista (Service pack 2) 32-BIT. Windows XP not supported!
      • Free HDD space: 20 GB
      • Sound Card : DirectX X compatible
      • Keyboard and mouse
      • DVD ROM drive
    • Recommended PC Specifications for BF3/Frostbite 2:
      • Processor: Quad Core CPU
      • Main memory: 4 GB
      • Graphics card: DirectX 11 compatible
        • AMD : Radeon 6950 or higher performance
        • NVIDIA: GeForce GTX 560 or higher performance
        • Graphics memory: 1024 MB RAM
      • OS: Windows 7 64 bit
      • Free HDD space: 20 GB
      • Sound Card : DirectX X compatible
      • Keyboard and mouse
      • DVD ROM drive
    • Box Art? Link
    • SoundTrack - Amazon link.
    • Will the rank and unlocks I earn in the beta(s) carry over to the final game? No Source.
    • Will there be game demo?
    • What will it be rated? RP, possibly an ESRB M (Mature) rating in North America. PEGI 18 Rating in Europe.
    • What anti-cheat system will be used on the PC? Punkbuster **
    • What DRM will be used on the retail PC version (SecuROM, etc.)?
    • Will there be any DLC after release? Yes, Back to Karkand is already announced. - Source.
    • Can I rent a server for the PC Beta?
    • What Game Server Providers (GSP's) can I rent a server from? See this message.
    • Will unranked servers support no unlocks, all unlocks, or earned (on ranked servers) unlocks? All unlocks. "In Unranked mode...Server administrators have free reign on such servers – no Battlefield Rules of Conduct to heed. They can control in detail which weapons are available to the players, etc." Source.
    • Will here be an in-game setting to display FPS? Yes, "Render.DrawFps 1" in console. Source.
    ** non-authoritative source. Subject to change. (ie, I read it somewhere...). I'll try to firm these up.


    Do you want the most up-to-the-minute news? Click on over to these sites.


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    Battlefield 3 Unveiling at GDC 2011


    Will I be able to run BF3?

    twitter.com/Gully_Foyle_1: "@repi Frostbite 2 will NOT run on my NV 8800GT, even though I run DX11 Under Win7? Plz answer & I can help spread the word. Thx!"
    twitter.com/repi: "@Gully_Foyle_1 8800 GT is a DX10 card so it will work if you have Vista or Win7"

    I had thought my 8800GT was a DX9 card...here is a video card family DX version listing, for reference:

    DX 8
    nVidia GeForce 3 series
    nVidia GeForce 4 Ti/ 4200 Go series
    ATI Radeon 8500-9250 series

    DX 9
    ATI Radeon 9500-9800, X300-X600 series
    Intel GMA 900/950/3000/3100 series
    nVidia GeForce FX 5000 series
    ATI Radeon X700-X850 series
    ATI Radeon X1300-X1950
    nVidia GeForce 6/7 series
    Intel GMA X3000 series

    DX 10
    ATI Radeon X2400-X2900 series
    nVidia GeForce 8/9, and GT200
    Intel GMA X3100, X3500, X4500 series
    ATI Radeon HD 3000-4000 series
    Nvidia GT 300 series

    DX 11
    ATI HD 5000/6000 series
    nVidia GT400/GT500 series



    I don't know if this guy really knows this or is making it up. That TG-Juneau guy that predicted Vietnam release dates and the contents of Map Pack 7 turned out to be for real....
    Believe if you want to believe, and your day can be filled with sunshine and rainbows :)



    God Bless you Capt Caveman!

    What I think were the most interesting bits...

    Trailer tomorrow! Woohoo!



    Hmmm...teaser video is too much tease.

    See it at the GameInformer site, the new Battlefield 3 site, or on YouTube.


    New Battlefield Blog post: Battlefield 3 ships Fall 2011 -- includes jets, prone, and 64 player multiplayer!


    Let's see what else comes out today.


    Battlefield 3 Limited Edition on sale webhallen.com

    Locations Confirmed: Paris, Tehran and New York

    credit: dikinher at nV News Forums


    Here you go boys, snag this for your desktop...


    Battlefield 3 Limited Edition is $49.95 from the EA Store. Part of EA's strategy to be #1? Or does DICE have the power within EA to set thier own prices?
    And think, MOH was $60...


    twitter.com/locust9: "So we're clear, yes jets, yes prone, yes 64 players on pc."
    twitter.com/GamerOfFreedom: "@repi I am hoping to build this #BF3"
    twitter.com/GamerOfFreedom: "@repi Any thing I should prioritize over another? I am trying to stay as future proof as possible"
    twitter.com/repi: "@GamerOfFreedom prioritize even better GPU if possible"
    twitter.com/SLBartley: "@repi Do we need to build a new PC for #BF3? if so, not thrilled. if my i5 750 and GTX 460 can't run it, you've just failed the century."
    twitter.com/repi: "@SLBartley no you do not need to build a new machine"


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    Atta boy gully :-D
  7. Demo24

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    Interesting it's DX11 this time and not backwards compatible. Hopefully FB2 engine is a bit better optimized, have to wait and see I guess. Getting excited for it and can't wait till March for hopefully images/gameplay!
  8. Fanatical Meat

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    Hmm it may be time to replace my GTX260, I know it's dx10
  9. AznAnarchy99

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    I hope its better than BC2. BC2 had much potential but got old very quick.
  10. clamum

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    Feb 13, 2003
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    I've loved every game in the Battlefield series that I have played (1942, BF2, BFBC2)... I just might scream like a schoolgirl when this hits stores.
  11. jlee

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    I still enjoy it but I only have 33 hours online so far..haven't unlocked everything yet.
    I'm happy to see that - hopefully we'll get some progress in graphics/etc if they start eliminating backwards compatibility with older DX versions.
  12. GullyFoyle

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    Some amateur analysis of the BF3 information released so far. I trust the Off Duty Games analysis over the GamerSpawn's.
    I've heard the plane from the teaser video is an SU34 which appeared in BF2, not the SU37 GamerSpawn and others think it is.

    GamerSpawn Analysis of BF3 Teaser Video
    Off Duty Gamers Analysis of the soldier from the cover shots


    Check out these quote from some of the product descriptions seen around the web, such as Best Buy.

    So, it seems BF3 is going to toss you about, a bit. What do you think about this? Have you experience something similar in other games?
    Does this sound interesting, or does it sound incredibly annoying?

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    I think you forgot the "Bug List" section in the OP.

  14. maniacalpha1-1

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    I wonder if they are putting in ragdoll physics(the being tossed around you mention) and dragging fallen comrades to safety things in because they are fun, or because they are shooting for realism? As in, maybe they are taking something from Project Reality?

    I don't care much for realism insofar as accurate ballistics and stuff goes, but I did like how Project Reality did multicrewing of vehicles(driver can only drive, gunner can only operate the main gun etc), no kill messages, huge maps, planting firebases if you get enough people out in the field, etc.
  15. minmaster

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    Oct 22, 2006
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    i wonder if we're gonna be able to drag enemy corpses.
    drag and t-bag will be hilarious.
  16. maniacalpha1-1

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    Feb 7, 2010
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    Now that you mention it, I'm wondering about this too. But from a different standpoint. Are we going to be able to keep shooting the enemy so that they can't be revived? Because this is going to make medics even more powerful than in BF2.
  17. minmaster

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    Oct 22, 2006
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    yea i hope they adapt the gib system like RtCW. just pump more lead into them to make them unrevivable.
  18. Maximilian

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    Hope its on steam, i like how BC2 keeps itself up to date.
  19. GullyFoyle

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    Far Cry 2 had something like this. And it ties in with the common request to not to be revived, if you don't want to.
    When you were killed, you went in to a "limbo" phase that lasted around 10 seconds, where you could still be revived. Both sides could tell you were in this stage. The enemy could "finish you off", or your teammates could revive you, or, you had the option of immediately terminating yourself, and starting your respawn timer.
  20. GullyFoyle

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    Thank god someone else captured all the below info. It's a lot of work I don't have to do :) Some interesting stuff here.
    Quoting the whole thing for people that read at work. You'll need to see the original if you want to verify the links.

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    Any comments on the knive and dogtags?

    There will be a knife, there will be dogtags. No details for now."

    I love it how both the person asking the question and Demize dodged the real question. No one doubts that there will be a knife, we want to know if there will be an equippable knife instead of an insta-click autoaim knife.
  22. zerocool84

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    The kid asked the wrong question then. He just asked any comments on them.
  23. GullyFoyle

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    Question added to FAQ. (No answer yet!)

    All - Please let me know what else you want to know.
  24. maniacalpha1-1

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    Feb 7, 2010
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    woot. While we're at it, it would be nice if they would take an official position on whether or not you are allowed to attack and kill people at uncappable bases. In BF2 they did not take a position other than to say that spec ops are allowed to destroy commander assets. This led to servers having rules against uncap attacks, and these servers went so far as to say that while they would permit spec ops to destroy assets because they were required to do so, the spec ops must not defend themselves if they are caught doing so- in other words if caught they can't shoot back.
  25. GullyFoyle

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    DICE has claimed prominently that Battlefield 3 will be released in "Fall 2011". Because of the recent discussions about BFBC2 Vietnam being releeased in Winter 2010, we know that zh1nt0 defines Winter as December through February. There for, it should be released before December.

    There is one shop.to site being discussed on the EA UK forums that has a date of October 14th posted as the release date. That is right in the middle of DICE's definition of Fall...