Officer: Clark Indirectly Involved in Waco (AP)


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Jan 31, 2003
More than indirectly. As commanding officer, he holds the responsibility of his commanders actions, good or bad. He had the responsibility to maintain control over his commanders, and they, over the troops.

In the military, if a commander drops the ball, his commander often has to pay the price. It's all part of they way things are done. The higher the rank, the less directly the punishment is, but "screw up and move up" is par for the course. Anything to get that commander out of the field. That's what happened in Kosovo to Wesley Clark. He wouldn't obey orders to his commanders satisfaction, so rather than pay for Clarks behavior, his commander removed him (Clark).


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May 7, 2001
another Anandtech member (Burnedout) has pretty much debunked the whole Clark-Waco myth

do a search - he seems rather informed about the whole story


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Oct 12, 1999
From the report:

Federal law restricts the role of the military in civilian law enforcement operations and "we weren't involved in the planning or execution of the Waco operation in any way, shape, form or fashion," says retired Army Lt. Gen. Horace Grady "Pete" Taylor, who ran the Fort Hood military base 60 miles from the site of the Waco siege.

Waco "was a civilian operation that the military provided some support to" and "any decisions about where the support came from were my decisions, not General Clark's," Taylor said this week.

"Clark's totally innocent in this regardless of what anybody thinks about him," says Taylor, Clark's former commander. "He played no direct role in this activity nor did any of us."

Regarding Taylor's comments, Clark campaign spokeswoman Mary Jacoby said "this is exactly what we've said all along; Gen. Clark had no involvement."
I had a hunch that LTG Taylor, an honest and honorable gentleman, would finally stand up, say enough is enough, and debunk the conspiracy crap about General Clark's supposed involvement in the Waco tragedy.

I also mentioned LTG Taylor in this thread on 26 October