Question Office 2021 key issues


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Oct 3, 2010
This may be a little hard to explain clearly and hard to follow. Not sure if I did something wrong or what has happened. Bought a genuine copy of Office 2021 Pro Plus, actually 2 copies and 2 different keys for 2 different computers from ebay for my parents. Bought and installed them around beginning of this year. Installed one on a laptop running Windows 11 and the other desktop running Windows 10. Both been running fine with no issues.

Now both of these are tied to one microsoft account. Don't think that is part of the issue but idk for sure, just trying to include all details I can think of. On the laptop, it was previously running Office 2007. Before installing 2021, I uninstalled 2007. Not sure if there is more to it than just uninstalling the old one. Now I keep a list of what keys that go with what software and what device they installed on. I found a discrepancy on these 2 products, possible that the keys may have got mixed up but not sure. I tend to be a little ocd and try to be organized with things like this. So I get looking on the laptop, have a program that shows keys. Actually tried 2 different ones and both showed same thing. Both showed office 2007 and the key for 2007 on the laptop. Why would it still be showing the old 2007 key? I logged into the microsoft account that it is tied to and under order history it shows both computers which what office is installed. But does not show the key for either device, which according to my search results they say it should.

Now if I open word and go into account from there and go to change license, it does give me an option to change the product key as long as I am not signed into any account. Haven't actually tried to change it because don't want to enter the key for 2021 that is installed on the desktop. Now on the desktop, I tried to find that key using the same 2 programs I used for the laptop and both can't find any key for office. One program which is pcunlcoker but when I try to boot from it, gives me an error about not finding SAM file. Not really sure what that means. The other program does not show any key for office. What would happen if I enter the product key on the laptop that is being used on the desktop? Without using a program to find the key, is there a way to find the key? I have done some searching on this and tried few different ways with no luck and my head is starting to spin.
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