Occasional stall during Boot


Nov 17, 1999
I have an older (abt. 5 yrs) Intel PIII clone with Windows XP Fam. Ed. loaded.

Recently, when the boot sequence starts up everything loads as usual except when I reach the screen which shows the PCI Device listing. The system will then occasionally hang. Sometimes, if I wait about 60 seconds, the boot will continue and Windows will load. At other times I've had to hit the reset button and start again. I've tried a cold boot as well, but there appears to make no difference.

When it did this the first couple of times, I booted up in Safe Mode and did a complete virus scan. I also scanned for spyware. Both scans came up with nothing. I then went through and blocked all the unessasary programs in Startup. The system then seemed to boot up normally .... not stalling at the PCI Device listing screen ....at least for a couple of days.

This morninig a cold boot brought up the same problem.

A couple notes :I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but my wireless mouse (new batteries) cursor sometimes stalls / locks up (as if thinking) after the system has been on for an hour or more. This was occuring for about 3 weeks prior to this other problem

Also, in checking the Event Viewer I see that I am having ACP errors as well as ATAPI errors...(my old CD -RW drive is kaput ... but I haven't bothered to replace it as I still have the DVD -RW). In the log, these aren't necessarily occuring the same time the errors are listed.

Any idea what may be causing this abnormal stall/lockup at this point in the boot? Any other checks I can do or utilities I can use to diagnose it?

I guess I'm thinking that maybe it's time to do a major backup of my important files as the hard drive may be on it's way out. any thoughts? Thanks


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Oct 31, 1999
If you haven't removed the faulty CD-RW drive yet, do that next. Also, backing up your stuff is a good plan on any 5-year-old PC.