OC: Barton 2500+ memory and 6600GT


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Aug 27, 2004
I just got new memory modules for one of my PC's.
They are Corsair XMS3200 CL2 (256MBx2).

Before these I was running my AthlonXP Barton 2500+ (1833mhz) @ the speed of 3200+ (2192mhz) and the CPU Voltage is 1.700V instead of 1.675V with a CL3 512MB DDR400 kingston dimm @ 1.5V and the XFX 6600GT @ 560mhz Core and 1120mhz memory.
Now when I installed them I went to CPU-Z (1.22) it said it worked in Dual channel but CAS was 3.0 and AGP apeture size was 64MB (was like this before, nothing to do with new memory).

Now I installed the latest CPU-Z (1.32) and I OC'ed the CPU to 205mhz FSB (2260mhz) and I raised the DIMM voltage +0.1V.
Now the memory is running at 205.5mhz and CAS 2.5-4-4-9, before it was CAS 3-3-3-8.

In the newer version of CPU-Z I can't see the AGP apeture size, only shows it runs at 8X like it should.
Can it be that my MOBO supports up to 64MB on the AGP slot (maybe it's this BIOS version from 2003?).

I also have AGP manual frequency settings and overlay voltage (can raise it +0.1 and +0.2).

Should I change something? Is my memory set to the best?

I also need an application which shows me the CPU temperture and fan speeds (like I see in my BIOS).

Thank you.