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Obama gains significant leads in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania

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Oct 25, 2002
"Ash is a fucking robot."

I enjoyed the part in the movie Alien where Ash goes nuts. I want to see Romney "go rogue" as he gets more desperate. It should be good.


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Feb 1, 2008
People are faint at heart to make a change or gamble on an unknown, midterm, in most instances. Clinton vs Bush #1 was an exception. As was Jimmy Carter. Reagan was the better candidate and more likable. So was Clinton. Bush #1 seemed detached and unable to relate. Carter and Bush #1 were both very poor communicators.
So is Mitt Romney. Communication is one of Obama's main advantages over Romney.
Point... as the days come to a close, people are only now starting to pay real attention.
When it comes down to it, Romney has about the same chances as Kerry had during Kerry vs Bush #2.
There is no legitimate reasoning to go with Romney. He seems detached. Confused. And not very likable. Or so he seems to people.
I suspect as the final days approach, Romney will slip down to his usual 36% that he has never been able to break out of with every past attempt.
36% is about it for Mitt, when it comes right down to it.
Ann Coulter was right (for once) predicting Romney would lose.
But remember, this was a midterm, and unless the guy currently in charge has really screwed up (marital affairs, scandals) it is unlikely most people will jump ship.
It just takes this long in the game for people to chose their sides.
People, most people, are NOT political nerds.
Most people with elections, like going to the dentist, don't really think about it until they absolutely have to.
And I doubt very much that the debates will change anything one way or another.
The polls will widen in Obama's favor in these final weeks.
And Romney will probably stand at about 36% a few days before election day.
Not that surprising, really at all....


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Aug 22, 2011
We continue the trend where Obama continues to gain momentum in states he needs to win - crossing 50% in these states so close to the election must really worry the Romney campaign....
Highly doubtful since its likely that internal polling within both campaigns paints a completely different picture than what you see. Of course, there is not much you can see from your point of view. The cheeks block most of the view.


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Nov 1, 2004
Doesn't surprise me. The GOP continues to flout supply side economics at a time when the country is still reeling from the near-total economic collapse that was largely brought upon by supply-side theory put into practice along with massive financial deregulation. These are the talking points that the Romney campaign continues to use during his speeches and the majority appear to no longer be buying what he's selling.

Tack onto that the attack on federal programs such as Medicaid by Ryan and it's no wonder that he's on a losing trend.

Still, the Obama campaign staff must remain vigilant because there are still a few weeks to go and anything can happen.


Nov 17, 2011
If it rains on election day, the number of dems who vote will drop significantly.


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Oct 5, 2006
Both electoral-vote.com (liberal slant) and electionprojection.com (conservative slant) show Obama with a significant lead when you break things down state by state. Both of those sites had pretty accurate predictions in the past, although we're still more than a month away from the election so things could change.
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