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Obama, Christie and 'Gotcha Politics'

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May 5, 2013
When I was in 4th grade I asked my teacher, "Why do we need to learn history? It's already happened." He replied, "Because we learn from mistakes and successes of the past, and someday your generation will be running the country."

I looked around the classroom and thought, "Oh God." There were basically bullies, scardy-cats, nerds, kids who seemed like they had no clue and girls. So I thought about what the world would be like if it was governed by the bullies (since they would certainly overpower the rest).

Also kids were always relishing others' mistakes. I was an imperfect, very nerdy, scardy-cat; it didn't look good.

Now I am of the age of these two politicians. It appears that my fears were founded somewhat. Mr. Christie's outbursts (I just saw a compilation) appear very juvenile and combative, like a bully. Of course he's not the first.

I'm not saying Obama (whom I voted for) has no clue, but his mistake was promising the world when he knew all along that he may not get a cooperative congress or a perfectly working healthcare law roll-out (delusions of grandeur?). And he says seemingly stupid things like laying out new foreign policy (red lines) in a press conference, and "you can keep your plan!". Also about Snowden he said, "I'm not going to scramble jets to catch a 29 year old hacker," yet the U.S. was obviously behind the grounding and searching of Pres. Evo Morales's plane looking for Snowden. It all seems so hypocritical and a bit clueless.

My generation still worries me. Maybe nerds should rule the world! :)

With enough ammo "gotcha politics" begin and I bet is being emphasized by people my age running newsrooms. What you do wrong will always outweigh anything I do right, and will be much more newsworthy. So sad.

BTW: According to that 4th grade history book those historical mistakes were almost always made by other countries and the successes were mostly ours (Manifest-destiny and all that) - so I didn't see what we could learn from them.
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