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Obama buys 1/2 hour in primetime on CBS.


Sep 26, 2000

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Barack Obama's campaign goes prime time
Barack Obama's campaign has purchased a half-hour of prime airtime on CBS, Obama spokesman Jen Psaki confirms. The campaign plans to air a special on CBS at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 29 -- less than one week before election day.

Psaki would not confirm whether the campaign plans to buy slots on other networks. According to an article in the Hollywood Reporter, the trade industry publication that broke the news, the campaign is in talks to also buy time on NBC and Fox.

UPDATE: The Obama campaign confirms that it has also bought a chunk of time on NBC and Fox (although the campaign ad won't air on Fox if there is a World Series game that night).

October 29th? Does Obama know something we don't know?


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