Oakland eats?


Jul 11, 2001
I live in Berkeley, CA, ~3 miles from my sister, who lives in Oakland. She calls last night and asks me what I'm doing Friday (today). Says she's flying out of town and wonders if I can take her to the airport (OAK), we can have dinner on the way. Suggests picking her up at 7PM. That's a late dinner for us, turns out her flight is to NYC (visiting family) and leaving at midnight! So, we agree on 7:30PM pickup and we'll make up our mind where to dine then. Didn't want her sitting in the airport for 3 hours!

I'm not super fussy, but think there must be a lot of good Mexican restaurants on the way to OAK from downtown.

A primary concern is that I don't want the car broken into and her luggage stolen! Yeah, I figure put it in the trunk (which I'm going to clean out now).

Doesn't have to be Mexican. There are places in Chinatown, but it will be after 8PM, so have to be open.