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Nvidia Shadowplay NO Audio Facebook Broadcast


Senior member
Aug 14, 2012
Hey guys so I was streaming to my Facebook yesterday and noticed that my "Broadcast" had no Audio in it. The video was good but no sound of any kind.
I recorded some Gameplay using Shadowplay (Not broadcast) and the audio was good. I Broadcasted to Youtube to test and the Audio was good.

Now here is the Tricky part if I listen to the Broadcast on my Phone the Audio from the Stream is there. If I listen to it on Chrome it doesn't work, if I try Firefox it doesn't work. But if I try on Internet Explorer the Video won't show on my Home page but I can go to my Uploads and the video does have sound on IE.

Any freaking clue what is going on? I tried figuring it out but can't make sense out of it and I really want to get this working again.

NOTE: I am using Latest Nvidia Drivers from September 2017.