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Question Nvidia RTX 3080 cards will be available again, but .....

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Mar 24, 2008
Friends: Since Cryptocurrency is is falling, Nvidia's used RTX 3080 graphichs cards will come flooding the market, but these won't be virginal never-used cards. These cards will have had been used at full-tilt for months mining cryptocurrency. If you spring for these cards you'll be buying high-mileage cards that had been pushed to their limits to mine cryptocurrency. These cards will be packed as new though they've broken a sweat mining, and you'll still be paying more than their original MSRP. If I pay tons of money on a brand new Jaguar car I expect it to be virginal. It's your money, but I'm out of the game for now. Good luck to you suckers but I know what I want. Good luck. And btw, water cooling now won't undo damage for full-tilt of months of full-tilt usage. Why pay for a Jaguar that's raced full hilt for months when you could land a new one that's never been been abused? You know the old saying: a fool and his money are soon departed.

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