Nvidia GeForce 301.40 Beta 64-bit inf not needed all cards.


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Jan 3, 2010
What I do is run setup and install drivers. no need to uninstall and all that stuff used to be like that, not any more.

No inf needed. So you grab it and launch the setup.exe and it automatically removes drivers and install these and when done, it doesnt say reboot,,, you dont even have to reboot...

Ive been playing around this for less then a hour. On some games the IQ looks sicker, and no performance loss barely.... The most difference I saw was, games look excellent and perform 15 percent skyrim goes up. You have nice options in nvpanel.

my settings. 1080p 8x CSAA FXAA , multie sample, vsync on, high detail ,ambient on games run nice and juicy.

The only thing is you cant do BF3 on Ultra ,, but at high . I see no difference in graphics or game play. thx, gl