Question Nvidia 3k series without displayport 2.0?


Dec 9, 2009
With the upcoming release of the new line of Nvidia cards, I was wondering (and maybe you all know), why did they choose to include HDMI 2.1 ports, but not do DisplayPort 2.0? Is the timing just a little too early to get it on them?

I read that DP2.0 items should start coming to the marketplace Q4 of 2020, and its been one of the criteria I've been holding off for in order to do a major upgrade. I was extremely disappointed to find out it wont be on the new line of cards. Please don't take this as a bash to HDMI2.1, but Display Port is supposed to be significantly faster than this connection (almost 80Gbps vs 48Gbps), and its SO CLOSE to arrival.

My other question, is how will this ultimately affect DisplayPort 2.0 as a whole? Will we eventually see other card models carry this connector (like TI versions?), or could this hurt the overall adaption of that technology?

I've been so certain I was going to wait for 2.0, and this really threw my for a loop. It's looking like we realistically might not see this until mid 2021 now. Of course we will need the monitor market to catch up as a whole with both of these connectors anyway.


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Nov 22, 2012
One needs to come first though. I'd be happy to have monitor makers scramble to max out DP2.0, because they have been phoning it in by recycling 1440 panels for 5+ years.

But, yeah, initially I was frustrated by the lack of DP2.0 too but then I realized that these cards can do 4K 120hz with 10bit/HDR without compression and that will do just fine for this generation (~2 years) regardless.