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nVidia 3090 reviews thread

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May 30, 2000
I played Control with RT/DLSS at 1080p to get 75+fps. DLSS causes some blurring but is much better than running 1080p natively or not using RT. In VR, the default 1.4x supersampling on my headset makes most games struggle to hit the refresh rate (Star Wars Squadrons, Project Cars 2, Overload, etc.). I use 1.0x instead, which runs much better but is a quite noticeable drop in image clarity, even with Nvidia's VRSS enabled. Other games without RT or VR generally run very nicely at 4K at 100+fps.
What about on your LG CX?


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Jun 24, 2004
So just so I'm clear, you have to go to 1080p when you play Control? What fps do you get if you play in 4K?
I played with DLSS (4K rendered at 1080p internally) and all RT effects. I get roughly 40fps at native 4K, 50-60fps at DLSS 2560, 80-110fps at DLSS 1080p, or 100+ fps at 4K without RT. DLSS 2560 is playable but drops in heavy fights, and I prefer the smoother motion at DLSS 1080p. This game doesn't have very high res textures and looks good with DLSS 1080p, just slightly blurry. The CX is on 4K 120hz with VRR enabled.


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May 16, 2016
I have a 38GN950-B and game @ the native 3840x1600 resolution. Currently have a 1070 GTX and average 40-70 fps depending on the game (valorant and dota 2 are exceptions, can get over 200 fps+). I don't particularly want to upgrade my CPU right now if I don't have to as Rocket Lake, despite the performance it will bring, is on a dead socket and will be short lived with Alderlake-s planned for end of 21. I had some interest in buying into AMD with Zen 3, but because of the availability, I fear by the time I get one, Zen 4 would just be a few shorts months away.

Just gonna pop in the 3090 with the current rig with a PSU upgrade and see how it goes.