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Nvidia 280M in Alienware M9750


Senior member
Mar 11, 2011
Hey guys, I need some help here, and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. So, the GeForce 7950's in my M9750 died recently. I decided to experiment a little and ordered an Nvidia Quadro FX 3700M in MXM2.1 to go in the laptop. I installed it, it gave the an error saying the MXM structure was not correct, which I knew would happen, and the booted into Windows. It got to windows and installed the Generic VGA Adapter driver. So, I checked everything to make sure it was working, and went to install the newest compatible driver. It wont install. I'm stuck with the VGA driver, which dosent allow for gaming, CAD or anything, even WEI. I need some help installing these drivers so the card ill work correctly. Before anyone says anything about temp, its running a steady 75C, max is 105C, so I'm good there. Any suggestions?