Nvidia 270, 290 and GX2 roll out in November

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Jul 1, 2005
Originally posted by: apoppin
i done with you - i am not compromising with you. Your rudeness to me - singling me out and calling me a liar; continuing what you told me before would be your own personal campaign to discredit me - precludes any further discussion with you.

The forum harmony will appreciate it as i no longer respond to ANY of your posts. Nor shall i read them.
That's fine. I tried to do this in PM but you would not....

Again I am only after this post, I'm not on some "personal crusade" to get you. You have sent many an insult my way so don't try to play the martyr.

Fact .. we can tell approximately how much it costs to make a video card. And *fact* is, AMD is doing exceptionally well in the desktop segment, and they have significantly lower costs than Nvidia.
Say what you will about me, but I think anyone can see it's disingenuous to label those as "facts".

Sorry to the rest for dragging this offtopic this should have been handled in PM.

In fact I would even fully approve the mods deleting any an all posts by me and Apop in this thread.


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Jan 26, 2004
Wreckage you're lucky that I'm not the mod, I would have banned your sorry ass a long time ago. I don't know how we allow this sort of stuff to go through is beyond me. :confused: :roll:


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Jan 16, 2003
Originally posted by: apoppin
Originally posted by: keysplayr2003
Guys? The hardware?
What do you mean by "guyS"

i was singled out for making an opinion, several statements and i was called a liar - several times .. and it was the twisted version of my statement that was unjustly attacked - even after i tried to explain about "approximate" manufacturing costs..

i have been trying to stay on topic but it is hard to ignore personal attacks and character defamation when you are singled out by name :(

We are talking about Nvidia's coming product and i believe that Nvidia has certain advantages in the pro and notebook markets - over AMD as they spend time bringing Fusion to light - even though AMD may have other more readily apparent ones in desktop AtM

We don't need to know manufacturing costs. Do we? What is it that we really need to know?

@ Wreckage. Enough please? It just doesn't matter. At this point, only egos are speaking. Just end it.

Bang per buck is where it is at for most gamers here. That is what we should be concerned with. The 270/290/GX2's success will depend largely on their price points as usual with any cards.