nt 4.0 raid


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Dec 12, 2001
ok got a netfinity sever 3-18 gig hd in raid5

ok please the first steps to geting nt on this thing please.
like starting from sracth do i need to fdisk and format from a 98 floppy?

i do belive i have a 3 gig partition with the os on it know but when it boots i get scsi boot device not found and scsi bios not loaded. and then a blues screen with all kinds of numbers and such and at the top it say boot device not found.

I know with win 2000 during install it asks for scsi drivers but nt doesnt do this what am i missing?


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Oct 5, 2000
At the initial line of text that say ~" Detecting Hardware" on a black screen press the F6 key. THis will cause NT to skip the detection routine and go in and ask you for a Mass Storage Controller Driver. It is important that you do it on the BLACK screen not the BLUE setup screen because with some of the Adaptec SCSI devices once NT probes them there are problems if you load the driver(problem being that it will appear to install properly and then BSOD on the 1st boot into the OS). Any questions let me know...