Now this is the REAL "Real World"

Double Trouble

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Oct 9, 1999
I don't understand the premise of that show. At least with Survivor, there's missions, and there's a purpose. The people have to survive the hardships on the island as well as the political backstabbing process, in order to win $1 Million.

With Big Brother, they just put 10 people in a house for no apparent reason, just to see what they do. I don't get it. Real World had the same idea, execpt that the people were not confined to a at least random things could happen. Oh well, I guess it's subjective. I like survivor, but Big Brother is not my thing.

Big Brother is a lot better than the Real World. The Real World is seven spoiled brats living in a two million dollar house who do nothing but complain all day. Back that with a ton of creative editing and a soundtrack from Limp Bizkit, Emenem and Kid Rock and you have a show any Johnny 5 minute attention span can swallow.

Big Brother is people from all walks of life. They live in pretty crappy conditions. They don't get a car, no computers, TV, Internet, phones. They cannot leave the house. It's like a prison almost. They are filmed 24/7, even in the bathroom. Four of the cams are broadcast live on the web. Yes, the project is happening live, not like the Real World where it is filmed months in advanced. So if someone goes loco on the set of BB, we will see it live :)


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Oct 10, 1999

quit yer cryin' ya baby....

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Feb 17, 2000
they are filmed 24/7 in every place, with each camera having night vision.

so one question? how do they have s3x?