Now that windows phone is dead, will microsoft admit they are wrong and give us back the old UI?

Do you want a new version of windows with a modified version of the old Windows 7 UI?

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Sep 8, 2013
Microsoft was heading in the right direction with the sidebar and gadgets with windows 7, then they decided they needed to try to get market share in mobile so instead of making a seperate operating system for phone, they turned windows into a blocky mess with an inconsistent UI, and even now here in 2018 I simply install classic shell and pretend they never did this, until I look at my taskbar and see the nice glass look is not there or have to use something besides the control panel to access some settings and then realize that yeah, I'm still stuck with this.

Given processing power is so much better than it was back when windows 7 came out and the glass look with nice detailed high res icons would actually work well now here in 2018 and beyond, do you think Microsoft will ever admit they screwed up and give us decent graphics, icons, and a consistent user interface, perhaps reverting the changes they made since windows 7? Is there a point to keeping plain, blocky, dark UI? I know they said there would never be another operating system and that Windows 10 was the last, but corporations say a lot of things they later change, and the passage of time changes trends and styles. Windows 10 to me just seems.. dated now.

This is a plea to release a new operating system... windows 2020.. a windows for the modern generation of desktop, decked out with enhancements to the user interface for today's 4K screens and hex/octa core processors, and a consistent user interface that is perhaps a modified, improved version of the way windows used to be. Make the actual desktop the place where you can put gadgets, apps, and other items. Allow dragging of just about anything to and from the desktop. Include a day/night mode. Make high resolution icons and things you can add to the desktop. Make it so you can swipe between different desktops like android has perhaps. Consolidate the UI so that everything is on the control panel and not in different settings screens. Make it nice and consistent, polished, bright and lively, yet still easy to use. I have this visualization of what it would look like in my head.. it's like windows 7 but better, more flexible, more options, and more simple. I know they had the intended effect of making windows 10 more simple but it's actually not.

Windows used to be sort of a passion of mine.. I'd sit and tweak it for the sake of tweaking it. Since Windows 8/10 came out, I just install classic shell and kind of tolerate it.. I'm not passionate about it... I stick to enjoying the hardware aspect of the hobby and just tolerating windows.
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Oct 22, 2001
Wait a minute... I still have my Windows phone. :oops:

And the hoped for advantages of the same look and feel across all platforms never did materialize for me. Even so, I hope (and expect) that Microsoft goes slowly in whatever direction it decides to take the UI. I do not want to have to step back and relearn how to use my PC.
Jan 12, 2005
I can handle the new UI (apart from the fact it's a bit borked. If you're going to make the control panel hard to find make sure that the settings app actually has all the same options!) I just want Microsoft to remember that windows is an os and people mostly want to os to not get in the way and to run the applications they want.


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Sep 1, 2010
Seems like every OS GUI out there went from "glossy polish" to a flatter, more simplistic look. I like both styles, admittedly, but there's elements of both that stand out for me so that's a tough call. As long as they don't pull that start button omission nonsense again I don't really care what they do.

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