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Notifications during phone call


Senior member
Dec 14, 2001
My previous phone was an S8, my current phone, a 10e. I work in a loud shop, so my call and text notifications are intentionally loud and long. Was a time, when I was on a call, if a text came along, I would get a vibe as a notification. Seems reasonable right? But since one of the late summer updates, my 8 began blasting my notification in my ear while on a call, at whatever volume it was set at, usually full crank. Can't hear what's being said while it's bending my ear drum. I never found a setting for this, and needless to say, it's obnoxious. And my 10e does the same thing, and I still can't find a way to change it. Amongst the several things I don't like about the latest iterations of Pie, this is the most aggravating. Does anyone have this problem or can offer a solution? tia, zz03