not too sure.......


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Dec 9, 2007
i am not new too computers but i dont know enough to build one from the ground up.
my question is this: if i want to install a wireless router on my desktop what would i need to complete this and how much am i looking to spend? i have more question regarding other aspects of my computer but those are for as rainy day lol


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Apr 16, 2003
Not sure what you want to do here. You can connect a desktop to the router with just a cat5 cable between the n.i.c. in your computer and a lan port on the router.

If you want to connect wirelessly (is that a word?), you will need a wireless N.I.C. in the computer. This is usually a pci card or a usb dongle.

There seem to be deals all of the time on wireless G routers, often $10 or less AR. Look in "Hot Deals" too (or maybe FW?) for 88¢ wireless N.I.C.s AR. Cat5 cables can be had online for a couple of bucks.