Not enough fan slots on the mobo

Discussion in 'Cases & Cooling' started by zero koopa, Nov 6, 2012.

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    Ok so I was planning on getting a Antec DF-85, an Asus ASUS P8Z77-V PRO, and noctua nh-c14. The case has 7 fans, 3 front, 2 rear, 2 top and the heatsink has 2 which is a total of 9 fans. The board has 1 cpu fan, 4 chassis fans, and 1 options, or 6. How do I hook all of this up? I am really interested in the fan xpert 2 that is built into the asus board. I would like to have it so the 3 fans up front are controlled as one unit the 2 exhaust in the rear are controlled as one and the two up top are controlled as one. I feel if I did something like that though the fans would not have enough power. How can I make this work?
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    Motherboard headers typically supply 1 amp each to power fans, although it wouldn't hurt to email ASUS tech support to double check. You can daisy chain as many fans as you want to a header using splitters as long as you stay under that limit, and that of course depends on the type of fans you are using. For example, here's my setup:
    At the top center of the motherboard you can see a 3-pin splitter coming off my CPU fan header and going to each of the fans on my top radiator. At the bottom-right, you can see a similar setup (although slightly obstructed by the PCI-e cables) of a 3-pin splitter coming off the system fan header and going to the two fans on my bottom radiator.