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Noiseless cooling system for AMD TR


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Nov 18, 2018
I'm in the process of changing my system, and I'm focused on AMD TR systems. The important thing is that the whole system is as quiet as possible, taking into account that the system will be a non-gaming workstation (so I would exclude the possibility of overclocking).
I'm trying to get an idea as to whether a liquid system per processor and GPU can deliver less noise, or whether it's better to choose silent air heat sinks.
Would you have any suggestions?
By doing a quick search I found the be quiet DARK ROCK PRO TR4 which is given for 24 dB(A) at 100%, and then the Alpenföhn® Matterhorn Threadripper which even declare 18.2 dB(A).
I wonder how efficient this last heatsink is. I'm afraid that it won't be able to lower the CPU temperature enough, so as not to allow the CPU itself to run at maximum frequency.
Which of these two air-cooling systems do you think is the best (in terms of silence)? Or do you know more?

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Dec 10, 2016
Depends on your standards of "silence" (better term IMO: quietness). I for one don't have air conditioning at home or at work, though still some low noise from building ventilation. In this my environment, I would put nothing less than a dual-tower air cooler with 140 mm fan onto a CPU with more than ~140 W power consumption.

The next question would be what power consumption you are planning for the GPU (within the usage scenarios under which noise is a concern to you). I have a few high-powered GPUs and am cooling them all with custom water loops with large radiators (except for one remaining air-cooled GTX 1070 which I only rarely use for computationally intensive tasks; this one has a triple-slot air cooler (edit) which is not "quiet" for my standards under load). Once the effort and expense for watercooling of a GPU is accepted, the CPU should typically be put into the loop too.
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