Question No POST after successful Bios flash on ASUS M5A78L-M /usb3 Mobo.


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Sep 19, 2022
I recently flashed my ASUS Mobo, (M5A78L-M /usb3), after flashing, was reported as a successful flash but on reboot. no POST so I'm stuffed. YES, I have removed the old bios before booting after flashing by removing the power and taking the button battery out for about 5 mins. On powering on, still no post. I'm assuming the motherboard is not trashed as flashing is fairly safe so, anybody have any ideas on how to recover/install/revive my system. I did replace the hard drive with a mirror image backup but still no post. Efforts to boot from a bootable memory stick or a bootable cd/dvd are no help because it seems no other devices are being scanned during a reload. There appears to be be no response whatsoever when reloading.
Tried using the keyboard keys F8 (Boot setup), Delete (Bios) setup, Alt+F2 (Flash) and TAB (Display Bios port), all to no effect.
Would appreciate all your collective knowledge.
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Nov 4, 2004
No post no video

1. Unplug all unnecessary devices. Including hard drives, flash drives, keyboard, mouse.

2. does symptom change? If not, step 3. And ensure you have a speaker connected to speaker header

3. unplug / uninstall GPU, does symptom change? If not, step 4

4. unplug / uninstall all memory DIMM’s, does symptom change?

steps 3 and 4 - with a speaker connected these should produce post errors.

for step 3, depending on you cpu, it may not due to onboard graphics built into CPU

but step 4 should most certainly produce POST errors.

if you’re down to nothing and the board still doesn’t respond like it should, it’s probably dead. But you gotta run thru the no post no video playbook to confirm.


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Sep 19, 2022
Sounds like the board is toast. That's a pretty old motherboard, what cpu are you using?
You may very well be right, I upgraded the processor in early August with an AMD FX-6300 and it's been running fine until I tried flashing the bios, should have left it be. But with these motherboards still fetching a high price, used, I need to explore every avenue in the hope its still OK.


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Aug 22, 2001
As suggested, you should follow best practices for troubleshooting the no post.

Are you using the iGPU on the board, or a dGPU? I always try a different vid card and PSU just to eliminate them from the mix. If you have them on hand of course.
Jul 27, 2020
Worth a try: Connect the monitor to the mobo VGA port, put the previous BIOS version file into a FAT16/FAT32 formatted USB flash drive and turn on the system. Hopefully, it should load the image from the USB and overwrite the non-working BIOS version.
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