No Internet Connection with XP nor USB


Feb 27, 2001
hi, i just installed xp pro onto my computer, but i am having trouble getting internet connection on my computer. the only way i can get internet connection is by going into control panel, opening up the network settings, going to LAN connection, then clicking on the support tab and then finally clicking on the repair button. i have to do this everytime i reboot. moreover, it does not always work when i click on repair. sometimes, i have to do it up to 20 times. i have vorizon dsl and b4 xp, i had windows 98se. with the 98se, the dsl used to work without any problems. so i do not think it is my network card. also, all the drivers appear to be installed correctly. i have installed it couple times already and it says that it is ok.

in regarding my usb, my device manager says that the drivers are installed correctlly, but the device is not working properly. in other words, i cannot get it to work. i tried looking for other drivers, but i could not find any. i also tried reinstalling the drivers also.

please help me

thank you


Diamond Member
Jul 16, 2000
What modem do you use? I know that there are a few issues with upgrading to XP. You might check verizon's site to see if there is a software fix for ya.