No image displayed post-powerON - Gigabyte HD4870 1gb


Jan 2, 2008
I'm sitting playing Battlefield 2 the other day and all of a sudden my screen goes blank. I hear sound coming out still. My computer is still on. Must be the graphics card I think to myself. But it might not be in light of this:

So I restart and see if that will do it. Nope. Won't even display the memory test or POST or motherboard splash screen and everything pre-boot.

So I unplug everything and switch PCI-E slots and fire up again. Got some progress. It still won't display anything until Windows fires up. But its saying it don't recognise my graphics card and it aint showing the standard resolutions. I couldn't get 1680x1050, only 1600x1200. So I thought "Meh, I'll get the latest drivers and CCC and everything will be OK." I do just that. It asks you to restart. I feared it might happen - I restart and blank screen again. Now I can't get anything.

The fan on the card is still going when I switch on. I've had no problems with it previously, I've had it for a year so I've obv got adequate power and everything is plugged in right.

I'm gonna switch it with a crappy nvidia 7500 LE and see if I can isolate the problem to my graphics card. If not its the motherboard.

What do you suggest? Make sure you check out that link, it might well be related.
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