No idea what I've done - SOLVED. feel like a doofus, though...


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Aug 24, 2002
I tried oc'ing my vid card, from 270/400 to 290/480, and it seemed to be stable when running 3dmark2001. But when I tried playing my games the next morning, I had lost my 1024x768 resolution. All I got was a black screen, even though the games' audio still came through. Thought perhaps I had fried my vid card, so RMA'ed it and installed new one. Same problem, even after trying new and old drivers. The same night, I had installed Windows XP Service Pack # 1. Tried Dell tech support, and they seemed to think the service pack had screwed with my settings, and told me the only way to uninstall service pack was to re-install Windows. What do you guys think? Could it also be my monitor? Please help.

Spent two hours with Dell tech support. Waste of time. Took pc to local pc shop, and in ten minutes, tech. was able to tell me that when I downloaded SP#1, my monitor's settings were set to "default" monitor, instead of the Dell monitor that I'm using. BTW, he also said he had heard alot of people were having trouble with on-line games after downloading SP#1. Have to check on it, but he told me that MS was supposed to release a patch fix in early October.


Jul 3, 2002
Well, whatever you do, don't tell DELL you overclocked something, or you can kiss your warrenty goodbye...
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