NFL 2023 Season

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Mar 11, 2004
The kicker was a rookie so hopefully he'll learn from this year and be clutch moving forward. His miss in Cleveland gave us an L (not blaming him entirely for the loss, we played like doodoo) and he's had some head scratcher misses this season. Who knows what would've happened if the kick wasn't blocked, but it would've changed the trajectory of them game for sure.

IMO Purdy played about as well as he could have for being a first year starter. He missed at least one throw into the end-zone to I believe Deebo, but he did as expected, managed the game. Could he have done more? Probably, but KCs pass D is legit, and they did a great job containing Lamar so I wouldn't expect Brock to do much better. I'm good with rolling with Purdy moving forward. I just hope that if/when Deebo leaves, he plays better. Maybe he needs to establish a better relationship with Jennings. That guy balled out.

As far as officiating, I think they let them play through and the no calls were pretty even. People are pointing out the 9ers got away with illegal man downfield and if you look at the last scoring play in OT to win, it appears both the right guard and tackle went a yard passed the line blocking up front. Should it have been called,? Eh maybe. But if you look at the design of the play and Mahomes rolling to the right, it kind of looks like another designed option to run first if it was there or throw. Who knows. I'm on a few 49er groups and I purposely stayed off social media till yesterday because I figured I'd just see a bunch of members complaining about the refs or ready to pitchfork their DC. Can't cry over spilt milk, get over it and move on. Coming from a die hard 9er fan lol

Chiefs lineman were actively blocking (hence, were not receivers at all) and even if not they're allowed to be 1 yard beyond LOS. 49ers Center was not blocking anyone and was well beyond 1 yard beyond LOS when McCaffrey caught the ball, although I actually don't think that should have been the penalty there, as it was clearly not being thrown towards him and he was at the LOS when the ball was thrown. There was a blatant hold (full jersey grab) on Chiefs d-lineman nearest to McCaffrey (can see on the 1st pic, has outside shoulder, but he holds onto the jersey as can be seen in 2nd pic). There was also block in the back by one of the lineman (one that's on the ground) that pushed the DB far left just prior to McCaffrey catching the ball too, which prevented him from making a play on the ball/carrier. Also looked like illegal hands to the face by another 49er lineman on Chiefs Linebacker Gay as McCaffrey was running by although its tough to tell and probably was incidental so not bothered by that. But there were at least 2 penalties right where the play happened preventing KC players from being able to make a play on McCaffrey.


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Jan 14, 2013
this is even funnier

Sirianni needs his baby sitter or he loses his cool? lmfao
I read that and I couldn't stand Siriani already, what a joke

Speaking of the eagles

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Jan 25, 2000
Pretty crazy. That's a lot of $ to just throw away on a serviceable qb.
IIRC the dead cap hit is spread over 2 league years. Since next year's cap ballooned more than anticipated, it made it a little easier for the Broncos to swallow. Unless I've misunderstood, the actual guaranteed salary they have to eat is $39M, but that's actually not that important in the scheme of NFL economics.

Still goes to show you how much Sean Payton hates Wilson. Although stats can be somewhat misleading, he had a bounce back 2023 campaign. He was more or less league average for a starting QB. Some team will need a transitional starter, and they'll get him for almost free for 2024 since the Broncos will be paying.


Jan 14, 2013
Giants looking good in free agency. Don't mind losing Saquon, he wasn't worth it, but to go to the Eagles? I mean anywhere else, so fuck that guy.

Picked up a stud pass rusher. We let a safety go that got 17 million a year and a running back that wanted more than 12 million a year. Positional value - goes to the DE by far. Singletary looks like a solid RB, also stays healthier than Barkley. Two pickups for the OL that are big upgrades from the shit shows we had last year. Hugely important.

Curious for the draft too.


Feb 3, 2005
I liked Singletary when he was in Buffalo. Pretty shifty back, just didn't have a breakaway speed to his game.

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Nov 25, 2012
Giants lose their MVP to a division rival.

F Saquon for remaining in the division to terrorize Washington.


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Jul 22, 2009
I don't get when fans hate on the player when he changes teams. NYG choose to not pay him. RB's HAVE to get the bag, they rarely ever get a 2nd contract after their rookie one is up.