News Mental Health Warnings Attributed to the Pandemic


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Nov 24, 1999
It seems that there is the opinion out there that mental health issues are on the rise caused by stress from the pandemic.

I can do zilch to affect the opinions of the mental health community or change how they present their truths but I can tell a few people here that I don't agree with how they see things:

I believe that all the mental health issues that are purported to manifest as the result of stress from the virus have little to do with it and more to the fact that the stress from the virus is simply a catalyst. Nobody wants to know how they really feel and this phenomenon is universal, and includes almost everybody in the mental health field. Everything we fear has already happened long ago and can't any longer harm us. All stress does is eat away at our defenses and denial of those old fears. Try not to let the virus and the fear it generates get to you. The problems it causes are real, but the reactions those real and present dangers and threats pose just trigger things more deeply buried. If we could face what we have been through. the feelings we deny we have, we would be able to handle the stresses of the virus without worry about mental illness, and even without that direct confrontation, just knowing what is really happening I believe can help.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself, they say and for good reason, but fear is the suppression of all emotions, a kind of death but one that doesn't kill. To feel is to be real.

When I read the link above it made me feel sad that so many suffer and, in my opinion, suffer needlessly. Just wanted to say then to those to whom I can say it, neither worry or struggle not to, relax as best you can and trust that whatever you feel may be your fault or your responsibility isn't. Nothing is wrong except we were told there is and we believed it. We may still believe it in our feelings but in our thoughts we can know that is all it is, feelings, not facts about ourselves. We were all created in His image or perhaps the other way round. You can allow the voices of blame to speak because they are only lies. Those who have allowed them to speak have so testified. Best wishes.
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Feb 24, 2009
Unfortunately, people are resorting to the usual vices while waiting this thing out. At least as far as alcohol.

Looking at Washington state numbers for Marijuana sales although the granularity of the data for this period is lacking, not so much an increase.



Oct 15, 1999
It's not even a little surprising. Millions of people facing total financial ruin that have to sit in there homes all day thinking about the debt they're incurring and the job they don't have. It's a wonder the bodies aren't stacked in the street.