Newegg shipped me an open box 8k7a, edit CSR made me very happy!


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Apr 24, 2001
The box had clearly been opened, and you could tell that it had been used. I called newegg they said that sometimes the suppliers test the boards. I highly doubt I was lucky enough to get the one that was tested. The mouse and keyboard ps2 connectors on the board were worn with use.

Anyone else have this problem with newegg?

Well I called back a second time and told them about the worn out ps2 connectors and I was able to talk them into instead of them reimbursing me for the cost of returning the product, they would ship me a new one overnight. I then added the MSI 831 vid card to my order and it would come with my mobo overnight without any shipping fees.

Althought he first CSR did not help much, the second one has totally redeemed Neweggs reputation.

I would recommend to anyone to buy from them without hesitation.


Oct 12, 1999
Just send it back for another one. I know its a hassle but I would get them to send me another one. They might have tried to pull a fast one. Although I have never had a problem with them in any way, even when I sent stuff back.