Newegg Open-box sale (some 50% off) 8/7/2019


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Aug 25, 2001
Here's a few of the items from the highest discount category that caught my eye:

A possibly relevant review for the 10GbE PCI-E card:

10GbE Asus PCI-E card, is showing OOS. I bought a few of them, maybe that's all that they had? That was after I posted this thread, though, so possibly some other people got in on them. 10GbE PCI-E x4 NIC for ~$38+tax? Not too shabby.

Also, a whole bunch of motherboards (open-box) 20% and 30% off.
another 10gbe nic:
Acer Chromebook for ~$68 (*)

Please note that promo codes can only be used once per acct.

(*) Looks like you might be able to load a replacement UEFI and boot Win10; an SSD upgrade may be required.

Some more 50% items, mostly networking gear:

Edit: 2019-08-08 most of the more expensive 50%-off networking gear is all OOS. That Newegg Rosewill 10GbE that only has 15% off, is still available. The Chromebook is still available, they must have had a bunch of those. Good chance of upgrading and turning those into Windows 10 laptops, I believe.
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