Question Newegg now selling pre-built 8-GPU mining rigs. Good or bad form?


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Aug 25, 2001

Granted, it appears to be a third-party selling these, but ... how does this sit, with the gamer / miner divide?

I personally think that it's way overpriced, given you can get server-style chassis with "all the fillings" for $900 shiipped (still expensive), and then GTX 1660 Super cards for $600-700 on ebay ea., they're still making some good profit on this, although I imagine that the shipping insurance for something this pricey isn't cheap, either.

Edit: The 252MH/sec on ETH is accurate, that's 31.5MH/sec per each of 8 GPUs, which is mostly accurate for a GTX 1660 Super with Hynix memory, overclocked with Afterburner, mine do 31 and change.

That would make you $16-20 USD per day, which makes an ROI of over 400 days, or over 1 year. ETH mining itself may not be viable that long, and the GTX 1660 Super isn't really a super-strong card for ERGO or RVN mining, unlike the LHR 30-series, which excel at those algorithms/coins.

In short, I would NOT buy this unit, I would seek out a good server-style chassis as a base, like an Octominer or something, and then fill it with RX 6600(XT) cards, they are more power-efficient than a GTX 1660 Super (if only slightly, the GTX 1660 Super is definitely "up there" in the higher echelons of power efficiency, at least with ETH mining), and same price or cheaper.

At least, that would have been the option, had Newegg still had fairly easy availability of RX 6600 cards at roughly MSRP, if their forced bundles didn't scare you off.
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