Newegg - ASUS ROG GT-AC2900 $89.99 / GS-AX3000 $129.99 w/free t-shirt. Both support 160Mhz 2x2.


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Aug 25, 2001
[OOS] GT-AC2900 ROG Rapture

GS-AX3000 ROG Strix

Not all routers (Wifi 5 or Wifi 6) are created equal! If you want high throughput for single devices, you want 160Mhz channel support. Both of these routers support that. Note that the first one is AC / Wifi 5, and thus most likely doesn't support WPA3. The second link, for $129.99, is Wifi 6 AX, and should support WPA3.

Edit: I found out why these routers are discounted, Comcast just started rolling out their general availability for their 2Gbit/sec DOCSIS 3.1 service (as opposed to their 2Gbit/sec Gigabit PRO which was fed by a MetroE fiber at consumer prices).

And neither of these routers has a 2.5Gbe port, nor do they support aggregation.

That being said, if all you care about is "fast wifi" to a particular device, which is 160Mhz AC or AX capable (laptops with new-ish Intel M.2 PCI-E Wifi cards qualify, along with some newer Cell phones), and you don't plan on going beyond 1Gbit/sec for your ISP connection any time soon, and your router is getting a little old, then these are the routers for you!

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renewed at Amazon for $109:
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