New Video Card Advice


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Nov 5, 2009
I just bought the XPS 8000 (I was going to build this rig, but no financing got me right away)

I put in 8gb of ddr3 ram (sticks are 1600 but clocked down to 1333 for the i7-860)

I bought the Corsair 650WXT and I want to buy a new video card as the next upgrade.

I have a 20 in monitor that runs at 1600X900 and play WoW mostly, planning on SC2 and D3, as well as graphic design. I plan on upgrading the monitor at a later date to a 24' at 1920X1200. After everything I was upgraded is done of course (waiting for SSD to drop in price)

I'd like to spend around 200 bucks. I was looking at the ATI 5770 Sapphire Juniper XT but the 128 bit rate has me stalled.

Please help :) Thanks.