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Question new upcoming intel cpu

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Oct 22, 2018
Remember that is a mobile chip. It's just Renoir (Zen2).
Yeah i know so i could expect the desktop 4000 series to destroy, like the Oppenheimer of cpus i think.

Edit: after ALL these years of Intel dominating the scene i am beyond set to get out the palm palms and cheer team AMD no joke, been tired of Intel being on top lets give the boys down the street a chance!


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Jun 1, 2017
Hmm. In order of importance to AMD from a business perspective, I guess desktop gaming isn't really worth any special attention. Mobile and server are probably bigger and more profitable targets overall, and even if they can't push past the latency issues with IF, it's irrelevant for 99% of tasks anyway. And even for gamers specifically, 99% of those it doesn't matter, virtually all of them either don't have a top end GPU *and* a high refresh VRR display.
Unifying the L3 cache as AMD's intend seems to be for Zen 3 has the chance of covering all these bases.

In servers instead L3$ being sliced per core and partitioned per CCX for every core having virtual equal read and write access to all of the huge L3$ at once would be a massive boon. For mobile Ryzen Mobile 4000 already introduced a second CCX and didn't increase the cache size compared to the previous gen, so going by the performance of previous desktop chips with cut cache size (like 3500) the resulting latency should hamper the performance. That it appears not to, tells me some of the Zen 3 unified L3$ logic is already in Ryzen Mobile 4000. That again should allow for latency (and as such gaming performance) improvements in the Zen 3 desktop chips that will have the full cache size on top of it.
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