Question New TV thoughts - hope this helps someone out.


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Aug 30, 2014
I just bought a Vizio P650F1 this week so I figured I woudol do this quick option write up to help someone els elookign fro a new TV. The TV looks awesome on 4K in Amazon prime , upscaling 1080p pretty well on most of my Comcast channels. Football, golf, and hockey all look great with minimal motion blur due to the reasonable lag times and 120hz on this TV. I picked it up for $999 at best buy - I think full retail is $1299. I did do some research to catch up on the new tech of TV's, and had a max budget of $1000. So this TV fell in my budget and is rated really well if not "best" for any sub $1500 TV on several reviews websites. TV pictures these dasy are all so good its hard to compare. In showrooms all the TV's are put into the vivid mode with digital 4K demos loaded that all have slow motion high level pictures = not anythign your gogin to see on your set at home. I had to wait for a knowledgeable sales person to switch several TV's into regular/standard modes and put in a good digital 4k sporting event to see contrast/motion/etc. and a regular blue-ray movie to really see what the pic may look like at home and compare several TV's in real life situations. The Vizio looked as good as the much more expensive TV's to me - not as good as Oled - but at 1/3-1/4 the price of a Oled - I wont complain. Especially as I was coming from a 15 year old 50 inch Plasma that was dying a slow death. Again - I hope this helps out somebody that is looking for a good ( not the very best) 4K TV that you can put into regular modes to watch sports, maybe game on, etc and that will fit into most budgets that are in the hunt for a good 4k TV.
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Nov 5, 2006
Thanks for the heads-up. I'm currently looking for a new wide screen myself a 55" is as big as I should get since my house is rather on the small side (sigh)

I currently have a 42" LG which I got about 8 yrs ago, and I can say that I will more then likely get another LG cause my TV is always on pretty much 24/7, LOL.

The one I had before was a Samsung and its P/S went bad after just one yr which I found out that they knew it had a problem and released that model out anyway (my buddie bought the same one and the same thing happened to him in under one yr) so I after reading many Samsung reviews on their current line up I wont get a Sammy.

Like you I am looking for one under $1000.oo and since its only a 55" there's actually a lot to choose from for under that price range.


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Aug 27, 2018
thanks for the info. i too am looking for a 4K tv, with HDR, that i plan to use for watching movies and play PS4 Pro games like God of War.

how is the audio of your tv?