New to dual displays, 2 problems with Nview 2.0


Aug 28, 2001
Hi guys i just set up dual displays, and have 2 small issues and was wondering what i can do to fix this.

While running games or videos on monitor 2 and AOL instant messenger on monitor 1, AOL opens all the message dialogs on monitor 2, i was wondering if there was a way to force it to monitor 1 to stop crashing it. All other applications seem to remember where i moved the windows to, but AIM always puts it on display2.

Other question i had was: is there a way to get a mouse on the desktop while running a game on monitor 2? Can't seem to make it happen.

Using the latest official drivers, on a Ti4200 128MB (MSI), and 2 15" CRTs.


Junior Member
Apr 8, 2003
I ran dual monitors for about a month, but they were only 17" CRTs, so I pulled them when I built my new rig, put my 19" back in place and ordered an LCD. I only mention this because I can't go into the nView settings and look at the menus right now, so forgive the generic feel of my answer...

In response to the first question, there's a menu selection in the nView properties to remember the window settings for apps. I'd try setting that for your AIM pop-up windows. I know that IRC, for example, actually has a menu selection within the application itself to enable dual-monitor support so your context menus when you right-click appear within the IRC app rather than display on your primary desktop. You might want to see if AIM has a similar menu option too.

As for your second question, as far as I'm aware there is no way to do what you're asking. A game typically "takes over" the OS when you play it (claims the functionality of the mouse and keyboard) unless you're running in windowed mode or playing Solitaire ;). The only way the OS can make use of them is if you Alt+Tab out of the game or quit it. I know that's not a very technical-sounding answer and I'm probably doing a poor job of explaining it, so if anyone else wants to provide a more detailed explanation, please feel free.