new Thermalright cases


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Nov 26, 2001
Text, tho I'm not very impressed with the pics.

from what I can tell it looks like they're using water cooling to transfer the heat onto heatpipes which run through both side panels, which are basically gigantic radiators.

I assume there's quite an efficiency loss by putting heatpipes in the middle but at least it minimises the change of ruining what are sure to be expensive panels.

For the second case they have 3 120mm fans at the front and 3 more at the back - "This is accomplished by moving the motherboard a few inches away from the back. Extender cables connect the i/o ports on the back of the motherboard to ports in the case." Neat idea, though I'd be more interested if they used it to have a radiator on the back, as part of an all-in-one dynamic watercooling system option.


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Nov 25, 2005
what in the FUCK It actually looks like they made one that isn't done by watercooling

It looks like a giant giant giant cpu block with heatpipes