New SSD: Do I need to turn off Windows 7 Indexing?

Discussion in 'Memory and Storage' started by Adam8281, Feb 5, 2011.

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    I know I've heard people say you should disable native Windows indexing when you're running an SSD as an OS install disk. I don't know the rationale behind this, and I'm wondering if it's really important to turn off indexing? I've found this a very useful feature in the past - I have a lot of documents & music, and it's great just typing a word in the start menu and having Windows come back with indexed results. So what's the verdict, do I need to disable indexing?
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    ive moved the pagefile off to another disk and disabled system restore, but otherwise i left everything untouched. as far as im concerned having an ssd is to speed the system up, not to force you to turn off useful functions.

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    It is useful for some - mainly if you do searches for data on your system. I almost never search for anything, so by choice, I turn it off. That gets rid of a lot of HDD activity. I also have my PageFile on a separate partition, and likewise my temporary Internet files as well as data. Another feature I disable is System Restore and Shadow copies. Again, my systems uses duplicate HDDs in mobile racks. If a drive should happen to go bad, I just switch to a reserve drive.
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    You don't need to turn it off. There's alot of misinformation about SSD tweaks out there. Some of it I see recommended back in the Win NT/95 days. The only thing I do is double check disk defrag. If you still have a regular HDD, just ensure that your SSDs are unchecked from the scheduled defrags, otherwise if all you have a single drive always connected like in a laptop you can set the service to 'manual'. Don't disable it, Disk Manager uses it when you shrink volumes, hinting that Windows may need to use it for other disk functions.