New rules in CPU forum, and reminder of current rules: Updated 1/24/2014

Discussion in 'CPUs and Overclocking' started by Markfw, Jul 21, 2013.

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    OK, I will keep this short and sweet. You all know the rules, or better learn to read them. Here are cliff notes:

    No baiting, flaming, trolling, thread crapping, cussing or insulting. So if you have an opinion you can state without insulting people, do so, stating it as an opinion. If you have FACTS on a thread, link to a reputable source and state your summation. Anything else not pertinent to a thread is probably infractionable. Also note, we have revised our infraction/vacation policy in CPU such that repeat offenders are now going to find themselves with less time to make trouble in the forums. Members will now receive a vacation automatically every time they commit a posting infraction starting with their 3rd infraction. (previously no vacation time was served until a member committed their 10th infraction)

    We have had a lot of infractions lately and fanboys, insults and the like, and we are NOT going to tolerate it.


    Update 1/24/2014
    You may have pictures of your benchmarks, so long as there are NO URL's on them. If its obvious that you have a lab with 20 computers, and you are benchmarking them, be careful not to link to your site, that's against the rules, and the thread will be locked and you will be banned for spamming.
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