New Powershots announced today: G15, S110, SX50

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    Arrogant much, mate? You need to make things personal, eh?

    My reply was to a claim that the SX40 has too much noise even at ISO 80. I replied by saying that my direct comparison with previous-gen DSLRs shows that the images on this current enthusiast camera are just as good as the ones coming from prosumer cameras of yesteryear. And that, specifically, includes noise.

    If you have proper arguments (or, better yet - picture samples, histograms etc.), please refute what I'm saying. Otherwise, you just come across as a jerk.
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    Hmm... My wife wants a video camera for our kid. She likes shooting with her iPhone, but the pictures are horrible on the 3G. I'm giving her my iPhone 4, and the pictures are still poor, and the video isn't great either. She'd be satisfied with it, but I won't.

    So, I'm thinking to get her the S110. The touch to focus feature seems like a good idea. They're CAD$380 locally. It's cheaper online, but I don't want to wait for delivery.

    There's also the Olympus Tough TG-1 iHS which seems interesting because it's waterproof for the same price, but I'm a bit wary of lower end Olympus cameras. Has anyone used one of those?

    P.S. I have a Canon 7D, but she has no desire to use that.
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    I agree the phones gives bad quality, its not worth keeping the pictures for 30 years. She will regret it in time.

    Give your wife an Sony rx100, then she can take pictures of better quality than your Canon 7D with standard lens. The colours and dynamic range, is absolutely brilliant. Try and have a look at fx. Add. its small enough to be in a wifes bag :)
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    Thats something which kinda bugs me. I see pics on Imgur, Facebook, BBZZDD, whatever and I think "years from now you are gonna be so sorry you tried to capture that memory with a crappy pic". This is true for friend photos cuz people age and dont look the same, but also things like vacations or stuff you wont be able or willing to repeat when you're older.