New posts don't show up.

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Oct 15, 1999
When looking at the different forums, threads with new posts are a dark blue, threads don't have new posts are a light blue. A reasonable system for knowing what I've read. But it stopped working for me a couple years back. Whenever the forum goes down everything gets updated properly, but whatever threads show up as having new posts at that time are the only threads that will display that way, and they always will, it never changes.

I've cleared cookies, cleared the cache files, tried using Chrome, Opera, Firefox, blue moon and IE, always the same. I've logged out again and again, all with no change. A server reboot is the only thing that works. This only happens on the AT forums, every other forum I visit works as expected.
Any suggestions on what else I could try?

I've asked this question before, the answer was that a few people have the problem, but it didn't effect enough users to bother trying to solve the problem.

Two weeks and 180 views and no one has a suggestion? A little surprising. I'd have thought a tech forum would have been exactly the place to get a question like this answered.
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Apr 3, 2001
It seems to have started working for me some time within the last few weeks.
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