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Question New network build, EnGenius vs UI?


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Oct 25, 2003
I'm looking at setting up a more advanced network for someone; they are more of a prosumer. I have an interest in this project and am looking for some answers.

They will be using a Netgate 2100 for their router/firewall and have a few different VLANs set up. They will have some PoE devices, cameras and other equipment.
We've looked at and used Ubiquit's product line and like them for the most part. We came across the Engenius brand while browsing here and am wondering, what the major differences are?

We plan on deploying 1 AP and having 2 VLANs on it. We'd also like to have a 24 port switch that we can manage VLANs and has PoE.

To Recap:
  1. Netgate 2100 Router/Firewall
  2. 1 AP - 2 VLANs (internal and guest)
  3. 24 Port Switch that has VLAN support and PoE
It looks like Engenius has a good switch that fits the needs. They do not care not want to use the "cloud" aspect of the technology and would like for that to be blocked/disabled.


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Sep 28, 2005
A lot of people who are fed up with ubiquiti end up going to Engenius.
Its also the vice versa.

They are both great brands.
I have both, and i like both, but i am a bit more on Ubiquiti's line.

As for software, your going to get a mix of reviews for both.
If you stick with ubiquiti only products, they make things like vlan very simple and dumb it down a lot.
I also like the how aesthetically things look on ubiquiti's side.

Either or, you won't be upset.
Ubiquiti also tends to be a bit more pricey then EnGenius, so you should factor that into budget as well.
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Sep 28, 2005
I don't need to use the EnGenius SkyKey to manage the switch and AP do I? Assuming we can log into each unit to manage?
i dont recall having to do that.
all there ap's allow you to login directly to its GUI and config it from there.