Question New monitor for new gaming rig - thoughts? (+ current, is it good enough or will I be "display capped")


Nov 15, 2018
Hi All,

I'm going to be putting together a new system shortly, generally speaking this:

Currently I'm using

32" 1440p 165hz 5ms (GtG at Faster), 1ms MBR, GSYNC

I like it as I was able to snag it for about $250 at Costco a while back and can probably get another. My question is, given the above setup (I plan on maxing out D4 and potentially Starfield), should I get another one of these or go for something else? I don't know if given my setup I'll be able to max out 4k or better to stick to maxing 1440p.

(to clarify I need to get another monitor regardless as my current system is going to be a hand me down)

If I were to get a different monitor, what would you recommend and why? No specific price range, but nothing absurd - just curious because I don't know if I'll be selling myself short (i.e. not using my hardware to its fullest) given the current screen.


EDIT: After some debate across a few models (wanted to stick with 32", QHD), settled on - $300 at Amazon is a pretty good price.
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