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New military weapon that breaks the bones of everyone on a battlefield?

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Jan 3, 2005
Who needs a sound wave weapon. I remember reading a Sci-Fi story before (forgot what it was called) where people used images to disable or kill. The theory behind it was, that the brain can only process certain streams of data, like a computer, in patterns. Like any computer, it could be blocked or made to crash with a virus. Specific images were rendered, patterns etc, that had different effects on the human brain. Looking at it would cause your brain to have an "error" as you could put it, and disable you or kill you right on the stop. In the story they used certain images to prevent riots etc...and some were used by the military to kill their opponents by being placed in random spots etc. In the story there was a terrorist group going around posting killing images at random public places causing mayhem etc. It was a pretty good story, and made sense if you think about it. A kid in the story even built up resistance by looking at non severe images, and when faced with a kill one, he actually took it like a champ and survived !!!



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Mar 20, 2018
Maybe it's possible to have a carrier for the harmonic. Like a wideband laser with frequency modulation which causes the target material to resonate itself. It could have applications in medical science.

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It can also have applications in being
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Mar 10, 2012
Would that be analogous to the weapons ALREADY AVAILABLE since E A R L Y 1970s that interfere with heartbeat pulse of, selectively, EVERYBODY (Conical beam) or a small group (fan beam) or an individual (pencil beam) or characteristic heartbeat frequencies of a race?

Again, since at least 1972 FOR CERTAIN, maybe earlier.

A core of cells living near the bottom of YOUR heart trigger it's rhythmic beat. Their pulsations are electrical in nature, and have a frequency which CAN (since very early 1970s, possibly even back into late 1960s, not sure) be disrupted fatally to you (at a very long distance). Did you think all those heart attacks amongst our unliked foes were merely fortuitous happenstance? Jonas Blaine is commin' for ya!