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Question new mid range pc build wait or get it ?


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Mar 28, 2020
hello :) i am thinking of new pc

following are my specs wanting it under $800 without monitor, i already got lg 4k monitor when my aoc broke.

1. Ryzen 5, 3600, good buy now ? update ?

2. Samsung 970 EVO Plus or cheaper one from crucial ? which is better? i can probably get 1tb in same price as samsung 970 of crucial. 500gb enough or shall i try to get 1tb? it might be too expense though until prices fall

3. mobo ? rx 580 or gtx 1650 super or any other ? i was thinking of getting graphic card 1st to use in my current old system..

4. is 550w psu enough ? i was gonna get seasonic

5. graphic card rx 580 ? idk which one to get or is there update ?

6. ram ddr4 3200mz which company ? heard to use samsung with amd ?

7. anything else ? cooler mater cabinet..

usage is heavy flash related websites on google chrome and some gaming ( wanna play in high setting minimum ) on my current system on ddr3 i am hitting 12gb ram in no time with almost full cpu usage on i5 4440.

is the above cpu and other items good ? or is there any update to it?
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